Dr. Michelle Stocker

Assistant Professor

Michelle is a vertebrate paleontologist who examines questions about the morphological evolution of vertebrates within an explicitly evolutionary framework. She has interests in comparative anatomy and osteology of tetrapods, biostratigraphy and biochronology, and macroevolution. She is interested in how a cladistic framework modifies our secondary inferences, such as the use of vertebrates for biochronology or our understanding of paleobiogeographic patterns, in the fossil record. She explores the acquisition of the ‘modern’ fauna through extinction and diversification events in multiple, well-sampled time periods. She uses CT and traditional dissection of extant animals to understand skeletal anatomy and osteological correlates in fossil specimens.

Current Students

Former Lab Members

Emily Lessner

B.S. Biology and Geosciences 2016

Justin Lau

B.S. Industrial Design 2017

Mitchell Riegler

M.S. Geosciences 2018

Krista Koeller

M.S. Geosciences 2018

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